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#1,054 – Ghost Restaurants

Ghost Restaurant.  A haunted eatery that’s a sequel to the 2002 horror flick Ghost Ship? Or a new cuisine craze where specters serve “ghoul” food instead of soul food?  Turns out it’s neither.

As Fast Company puts it, “Hungry New Yorkers ordering meals through such online services as Seamless or Eat24 order everything from sushi to burgers to tacos. But when they order from certain restaurants like Leafage and Butcher Block, they might not realize that those restaurants aren’t restaurants at all. They are virtual eateries created by a company called the Green Summit Group that operates several food-delivery services out of central commissaries in midtown Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Chicago. In New York alone, Green Summit’s brands offer all sorts of cuisine ‘concepts,’ including meatballs, salad/sandwich/juice, and burgers/grilled cheese.”

In other words, they’re ordering from ghost restaurants that exist in name only.  Weird, yet entirely practical.  The unusual setup makes perfect sense for busy millennials who are constantly ordering delivery while on the go.  When your office is a Starbucks and your living quarters a stranger’s spare bedroom you get used to unorthodox arrangements.  It doesn’t really matter to you that the restaurant you just ordered from doesn’t have a physical space that you can go to for date night since your date nights mostly just consist of Netflix and Chill anyway.

The arrangement makes sense for the chefs as well.  Why pay hefty rents for your own branded space when you can share a kitchen and pocket more of the profit?  Shared cooking spaces are likely to bring down other costs as well if the ghost restaurants are sharing supplies and even ingredients.

All in all, it seems like a win-win situation for everyone involved.  Unless, of course, you happen to be someone who actually likes to eat out.  Or,  you’re one of those people who is disappointed to find out that there aren’t any actual ghosts serving food.  But for everyone else…say hello to the latest food craze: ghost restaurants.  Coming soon to a front door near you.

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Is a Ghost Restaurant the Greatest Idea Ever?


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