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One of my favorite TV shows of all time is Duck Tales and one of my favorite episodes of that show is Season 4, Episode 6, “the Golden Goose”.  For those of you who aren’t in the know a quick check on tv.com informs us that in that episode:

“Scrooge sets chase after the Golden Goose– the world’s “ultimate treasure” but when he removes it from its location, he uses it to turn everything in his path into gold. But when Glomgold hires the Beagle boys to steal it for him, the situation takes a dramatic turn when they turn the nephews to gold, then the goose comes to life changing people and objects to gold on its own, and then becomes normal, only for its power to spread all over the world as it begins to change the entire planet into gold!”

Ever since I saw that episode I’ve been fascinated by the idea of turning everything into gold.  Of course doing so is physically impossible but the next best thing, creating your own gold, no longer is.  That’s because Adam Brown and Kazem Kashefi from Michigan State University have found a way to use bacteria to create pure gold!  (http://news.yahoo.com/blogs/trending-now/researchers-unearth-bacterium-produces-pure-gold-181100690.html)

As the article states:

“Brown and Kashefi made the gold by combining the bacterium, Cupriavidus metallidurans, and gold chloride. Gold chloride has no real value and is a toxic chemical liquid found in nature. Once it’s added to the bacteria, the bacteria ingest all of the liquid’s toxins and waste. Then, over the course of a week, the toxic substance becomes a solid 24-karat gold nugget.”

The article goes on to caution that the process is too costly to reproduce on a large scale so we shouldn’t get our hopes up of having the ability to create our own gold anytime soon.  But I won’t let that get me down.  It’s only a matter of time before I’ll be swimming in my very own pile of gold coins ala Scrooge McDuck!

Thanks to Michigan State researchers I could soon be swimming in a pile of gold coins!

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#91 – Mr. Smooth

The latest in a series of posts about new apps:

“Need a moment?  Chew it over with Twix.”

You don’t have to be living inside of a commercial to have one of those moments.  We’ve all had them before.  The kind of moment where you are at a loss for what to say.  The kind of moment where your judgment is clouded and your discretion is rendered inoperable.

I often refer to this moment as “hitting the self destruct button” for you will undoutbedly wind up saying something that you will regret whether you’re talking to a loved one via text message or responding to an email at work.  I’m having one of those moments right now where I already regret starting this post with a reference to a Twix commerical.

Unfortunately, when we find ourselves in one of these moments our perspective is so skewered that we don’t realize that there is a better choice of words at our disposal.  Or in my case, even if we realize that what we wrote isn’t the best choice of words, we’re compelled to write it anyway because we realize that we’re not capable of coming up with anything else that can convey how we are feeling.  That’s why I think it would be great if there was an app service out there that could help us fill in the blanks of our lives Mad Libs style.  A so called “what should I say?” app aka Mr. Smooth.  The ultimate wing man.

To utilize this service you’d just have to fill out a brief survey so that the software can categorize the type of advice that you are seeking.  It would also be  helpful if users also took a snapshot of their text or email so that the service can see what was last said.  After a few minutes of analysis Mr. Smooth will tell you exactly what to say to make the most of any situation whether you’re trying to diffuse tension, reconcile differences, or show affection to a loved one.  With Mr. Smooth in your pocket you’ll never be at a loss for words ever again.  You can thank me later.

turn to Mr. Smooth

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